March and trips with the bus

We ended up ordering our inverter/charger and taking the bus on some trips to the beach in early March. Some great weather and just good times at the beach. Also got some really good fishing in, in March. Also, plenty of pics of food I made. The only thing I didn’t make was the chicken parm, which was the special of the day @

Also the last sandwich is a PBJ with an egg and bacon. Delicious.

3 coats for the roof – 2 days of painting

Shit is a total pain in the ass. I painted the sides/rails while Matt did the top. Fortunately for us it has been in the mid to high 70s while painting, really happy it’s not hotter and that it’s not cooler. I’m standing on our little home made ladder to do the sides, we did finally buy a ladder but it’s a huge pain in the ass to move that thing around for the short stretches on the sides.

Matt had a lot of fun dealing with the shit on top, fortunately 3 coats has gotten it pretty well. He says it’s nice and even up there.. I’m not sure on the rails, I might do some more touch ups with a small foam brush. The next picture is from the 3rd coat going up. We managed to get in a coat before work which was nice, so we can come home and check it after it has dried.

I’m hoping to head home today and get the sides cleaned up of rust and power wash / scrub it so it can dry enough to rust treat. Once that’s done we’ll start paint on the sides. Hoping to get all of our coats on before next week! We’re supposed to get rain and I’m not sure I trust this canopy to stand up to anything beyond a sprinkle.

New Years Eve

So we had set ourselves up with a deadline of having the bus ready enough to tail gate the MSU vs Georgia game on January 2nd @ Raymond James Stadium. It’s virtually a stones throw from where we currently live, so it was a nice short trip to make sure everything was running hunky dory.

Anyways, we had to make sure the seats were in place and get the bunks secured. I can’t really remember what else we did on New Years Eve in terms of work, so you can just enjoy the pictures. Also, this shows off all the work that was done the previous week that I was too tired to chronicle at the end of the day.

The 3 Days of Christmas. The day after (Day 3)

The start of a very long day.  Woke up early to get started on the bus.  Parents were leaving the next day so we wanted to get as much done as possible.  We routed out the floors to lay the electrical through it.  Duct taped it down so it wouldn’t jump out of the routed area while laying the floors.

We ended up going with Ikea flooring.  It was only $1.25 sq/ft, ended up spending $200 on flooring crap as opposed to getting real hardwood for anywhere from $600-$800.  Other benefits include resistance to moisture/warping that real wood would experience.  After so long of doing prep work and demo work on the bus, it was so incredibly satisfying to get flooring down. Flooring is much like framing in a house.  It’s gratifying to actually see structure going up, in this case real flooring going on. Lots of crawling around and clicking the flooring into place.  The areas around the wheel well were a pain in the ass, we started with the close portion (the back of the bus) and laid it until it was slightly past the wheel well.  Once that was there, we were able to lay the flooring at the front of the bus near the wheel well.  The cuts took a fair amount of time, and this stuff doesn’t slide together immediately.

We ended up needing to use the black block pretty often to knock the flooring in along the longest part pretty often.  Most of the time you could get it most of the way in, but it would need to extra push to really get the seams to come together.

We ended up finishing up the floors around mid afternoon. You can see the hole we cut out for the fuel pump access. That’s covered up by the original metal plate that was there now. After the floors were done, Matt and our Father took to finishing out framing out the rest of the seats and the bunks.  I started drilling through the floors so we could secure the benches.

I ended up stopping taking pictures.  After 12 hours you stop thinking to do it.  So you can’t see the progress that was made at the end of the night. Our Mom did a great job cleaning up a bunch of the metal parts and getting them painted black so we could put them back in the bus. She also cleaned up the house a bunch before Christmas so it was more presentable to the neighbors families.

The 3 Days of Christmas. Christmas (Day 2)

Not a whole lot went on for the bus on Christmas day.  Matt and our father got further along in framing out the first 2 benches, we also realized that we needed more lumber. I also got the car up on jack stands and got under it to take a look at the cv joint/axle.  I could see that it was slightly out.  Made sure to jam it in and got it down off of the jack stands.  Car was able to move again!

Ran to CVS with my mom to try to find some jalapenos and vanilla.  Saw this gem when we were there. We actually ended up at a little corner store place half a mile from my house that had some canned pickled jalapenos for my green pepper/jalapeno corn bread.  My mom was hoping for some vanilla to make some carrot cake, nothing that was open had vanilla. Fortunately the neighbors had some. The neighbors and their parents came over for an early Christmas dinner.  It was interesting having other families over.

Anyways, we only got about 4 or 5 hours in on the bus before calling it quits to finish cooking/eating.



The 3 Days of Christmas. Christmas Eve (Day 1)

What an eventful week.  Our parents flew in to celebrate Christmas with Matt and I. Had a good time hanging out with them and also we enlisted their help in working on the bus. My original goal was to get electrical mapped out and just get some hardwood floors down.  With our mother and father in tow, they helped plan out the benches and quite a bit more as well.

Most of the pictures from Day 1 are taken late. I was busy working on my car. The passenger side CV axle was having issues. 2 weeks prior I had bought 2 cv axles to replace them. I don’t mind driving my shitty little car, but I DO mind driving a shitty little car that sounds like a garbage heap.. so it had been on my nerves for a while hearing the constant clicking when turning. Anyways, I had the axles but our roommate Jacob was using my jack stands to work on his car (some fuel issue that we haven’t been able to figure out yet). So before he went out of town he took the car off of the jack stands so I could use them.  Spent the majority of the day working the various bolts loose and figuring out how to replace a cv axle.  Finished the work around 5:30 or 6pm when it starts getting dark. Pull jack stands and drop the car. Start it up and try to back up. Wheels won’t turn… great. So I call it a day on that. My mom suggested I talk with my parents’ friend Phil who is a mechanic. My dad shoots him a text to see if he can talk. Hop on the phone with him and explain what’s going on. Wheels not turning, put it in park and hear a clicking. He thinks I just don’t have it seated all the way in and suggests getting back under and hulking the part in to make sure it’s completely fitted in. Anyways, I shelve that for the next day for when I have some light.

Matt and my Dad ended up installing the new driver seat and framing out the first two benches. We had spent a fair amount of the day planning and buying materials like our breaker box and electrical stuff and some lights. Ate up a lot more of the day than I wanted but we planned out exactly what we were going to do and we had hoped that we bought enough materials.

PS – PB Blaster, a torch, and a big pry bar are you friend when dealing with old rusty pieces of shit.

Thursday night work

So not a whole lot media wise to post.  Matt got home from work and got to work welding the holes in the floor.  He ended up finishing up when I got home around 8:30.  So I took over and angle grinded the welds down to get the floor nice and smooth.  Took some liquid nails and some spline (rubber trim normally used for screens) and trimmed the wheel wells.  Some of the old stuff had come up so we replaced that stuff.

All of this is just so the bus is ready for some POR15 to rust treat/weather seal the floors.  Once that’s cured/dry we can put some sub floor in!

And a cheesy youtube video. Good luck trying to see anything that’s going on.

Quick shout out to Microgroove. Apparently a new music store opened up just up the street. Gonna go check it out!



The store is located at 4906 N Florida Ave., Tampa. Microgroove’s grand opening weekend continues Friday with music by Jennifer O’Connor and Tracy Shedd; Saturday with Sleepy Vikings and I Was Totally Destroying It; and Sunday with Rebekah Pulley and Will Quinlan. For info, call (813) 667-7089 or see

Short hiatus

Decided to take a short hiatus while we were getting a ridiculous amount of rain.  Almost couldn’t leave work because the streets were flooded so badly.  You would think Tampa road commission or city planners would prepare to drain the streets considering there is a serious rainy season here?

Day 5

Installed the Emergency window before work and got a picture in.  Was talking with Verizon about why my dvr wouldn’t activate and decided to get some work in while waiting.

Matt is installing the emergency window in the last picture.  The screw holes weren’t lined up in the right spot.  We decided to shuffle the windows around which made re-installation a real pain in the ass in some spots.