Dent in roof

So, after a brief hiatus we got back to it last week and decided to knock this dent out. The X’s in the picture indicate leaks.  We sat in the bus during a heavy storm to see where our water was coming in.

Some folks over at the forums suggested using a jack stand with some wood pressed up against it to apply constant pressure while hitting it.

So we did just that.  Although we had to build a platform since we didn’t want to apply too much pressure on the wheel well (it was slightly ungainly due to the floor and the semi-unevenness of the wood).

We had bought a metal working kit in anticipation of working on this, but we only ended up using one of the curved forms and a separate 4lb hammer that we bought.  Matt also climbed up on the roof to tap it from up there.  We also had some slight leaking due to the dent, so we went ahead and resealed it from the top.

Matt giving the thumbs up from the top of the bus.  Also you can see our home made ladder as well.