Month: December 2011

  • The 3 Days of Christmas. Christmas Eve (Day 1)

    What an eventful week.  Our parents flew in to celebrate Christmas with Matt and I. Had a good time hanging out with them and also we enlisted their help in working on the bus. My original goal was to get electrical mapped out and just get some hardwood floors down.  With our mother and father […]

  • Tuesday lunch work

    Monday night around 5:30 or 6pm at work our whole building and some surrounding buildings lost power, so we got to split a little early. The office is really close to the Tampa airport and our roommate Jacob was flying back to Michigan a little later. Our coworkers lost power at their houses a little […]

  • December 10th 2012

    So we did some work on the floors on the 10th, unfortunately I was sick almost all of last week.  Took 4 days off of work for it.  Came back to work on Friday, and then worked the doors at for their Ghetto Xmas event. Anyways, we had ended up buying the wood and foam on […]

  • Bus Layout

    This is the floor plan Matt has come up with.  We still need to get in the bus and tape off the sizes of things, we did some rough measurements but we’ll need to see how it all comes together. The plan with the tables is actually to have RV style table beds, so that […]

  • Weekend Work – Por15

    Matt and I ended up doing the doors and security @ The Bricks in Ybor for their Tampa AM event. , after a long saturday night and some rest we decided to head out to the bus and get some Por15 down on the floors. Por15 is rust treatment and sealant, I think it also has some […]

  • Thursday night work

    So not a whole lot media wise to post.  Matt got home from work and got to work welding the holes in the floor.  He ended up finishing up when I got home around 8:30.  So I took over and angle grinded the welds down to get the floor nice and smooth.  Took some liquid […]