The 3 Days of Christmas. Christmas Eve (Day 1)

What an eventful week.  Our parents flew in to celebrate Christmas with Matt and I. Had a good time hanging out with them and also we enlisted their help in working on the bus. My original goal was to get electrical mapped out and just get some hardwood floors down.  With our mother and father in tow, they helped plan out the benches and quite a bit more as well.

Most of the pictures from Day 1 are taken late. I was busy working on my car. The passenger side CV axle was having issues. 2 weeks prior I had bought 2 cv axles to replace them. I don’t mind driving my shitty little car, but I DO mind driving a shitty little car that sounds like a garbage heap.. so it had been on my nerves for a while hearing the constant clicking when turning. Anyways, I had the axles but our roommate Jacob was using my jack stands to work on his car (some fuel issue that we haven’t been able to figure out yet). So before he went out of town he took the car off of the jack stands so I could use them.  Spent the majority of the day working the various bolts loose and figuring out how to replace a cv axle.  Finished the work around 5:30 or 6pm when it starts getting dark. Pull jack stands and drop the car. Start it up and try to back up. Wheels won’t turn… great. So I call it a day on that. My mom suggested I talk with my parents’ friend Phil who is a mechanic. My dad shoots him a text to see if he can talk. Hop on the phone with him and explain what’s going on. Wheels not turning, put it in park and hear a clicking. He thinks I just don’t have it seated all the way in and suggests getting back under and hulking the part in to make sure it’s completely fitted in. Anyways, I shelve that for the next day for when I have some light.

Matt and my Dad ended up installing the new driver seat and framing out the first two benches. We had spent a fair amount of the day planning and buying materials like our breaker box and electrical stuff and some lights. Ate up a lot more of the day than I wanted but we planned out exactly what we were going to do and we had hoped that we bought enough materials.

PS – PB Blaster, a torch, and a big pry bar are you friend when dealing with old rusty pieces of shit.

Tuesday lunch work

Monday night around 5:30 or 6pm at work our whole building and some surrounding buildings lost power, so we got to split a little early. The office is really close to the Tampa airport and our roommate Jacob was flying back to Michigan a little later. Our coworkers lost power at their houses a little further away, and we were worried that it might impact the flight. Fortunately the airport didn’t even know there was a large power outage nearby.

Anyways, what this meant.. was that the internet was out the next day at work, so Matt and I stayed home so we could get some work done.  Sort of impossible to do any work without internet for the most part. We had made some slow cooked Cuban style pork the day before and ended up having it for lunch.

After a quick lunch we got some work done on the bus. We wanted to finish up the rest of the subfloor which we were able to do.

So we were able to have a productive lunch. Next step is to lay out the floor plan a little bit. We’re hoping to stop by an RV salvage yard and pick up some tables and possibly some appliances. The parents are flying down this Thursday and we’re hoping our Father can help out with some electrical work.

The plan is to get some hard wood floors in before the New Year and tailgate the MSU game. Outback bowl here we come!

December 10th 2012

So we did some work on the floors on the 10th, unfortunately I was sick almost all of last week.  Took 4 days off of work for it.  Came back to work on Friday, and then worked the doors at for their Ghetto Xmas event. Anyways, we had ended up buying the wood and foam on some non-busy day and loading it up on my beast of a car (tied down with some twine and held on with the hope that we might stop it if it started slipping).

Matt had ended up staying home one day from work. Quick torrential rainstorm at work so I gave him a ring to let him know he might want to get it in before the rain showed up and warped our subfloor. Fortunately he got to it in time and tossed it all in before the rain hit.

So after unloading the wood from the bus, we laid down some red rosin paper and started cutting foam out to fit in.

The foam wasn’t too bad, we managed to get it pretty tight fitting so it wasn’t floating around too much. Music is always a serious consideration when we’re working so we have the stereo out.  We finally killed the batteries in it, so we had to plug it in.

We also discovered that our screws were going to sit too high on top of the wood, we tried finding self tapping metal screws that were able to sink, but all we could find were some with some low round heads.  So we ended up countersinking.

Like I had said before, the bummer of Florida winters is that you have great weather but you run out of light so quickly.  We ended up calling it a day around 6:30 or 7 pm. Don’t really like cutting when it’s really dark out.


Bus Layout

This is the floor plan Matt has come up with.  We still need to get in the bus and tape off the sizes of things, we did some rough measurements but we’ll need to see how it all comes together. The plan with the tables is actually to have RV style table beds, so that the table can lower down and you can put a foam top on to turn it into a bed.


Weekend Work – Por15

Matt and I ended up doing the doors and security @ The Bricks in Ybor for their Tampa AM event. , after a long saturday night and some rest we decided to head out to the bus and get some Por15 down on the floors. Por15 is rust treatment and sealant, I think it also has some sort of vapor barrier shit going on.  The can actually tells you to not let any por15 get on the lid/lip, because if you attempt to reseal it with that in there it will permanently seal.

Anyways, from my previous pictures you can see that I only got a quart, which was just barely enough for the bus.  It’s thinner than paint and wasn’t bad to spread using some foam brushes.

We ended up getting the work done on Sunday, took a nap then headed back to The Bricks for the last night of the Tampa AM event.  Awards and a bunch of kids running around.  It ended up getting pretty rowdy toward the end, some Metallica was getting played and one guy got a pretty wicked gash above his eye while they were moshing. I didn’t take any pictures Sunday night, but I have a picture of some of the Skate team for the Nike SB Chronicles (which premiered @ The Bricks/worldwide on Saturday night).

Now that the Por15 is dried, we need to put in the sub floor. I also need to replace the CV Joints/axles on my car, and a replacement fuel filler neck which should be arriving.  So, it looks like we’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. While the winter weather in Florida is great, the only thing that sucks is that you still only have winter daylight.

Thursday night work

So not a whole lot media wise to post.  Matt got home from work and got to work welding the holes in the floor.  He ended up finishing up when I got home around 8:30.  So I took over and angle grinded the welds down to get the floor nice and smooth.  Took some liquid nails and some spline (rubber trim normally used for screens) and trimmed the wheel wells.  Some of the old stuff had come up so we replaced that stuff.

All of this is just so the bus is ready for some POR15 to rust treat/weather seal the floors.  Once that’s cured/dry we can put some sub floor in!

And a cheesy youtube video. Good luck trying to see anything that’s going on.

Quick shout out to Microgroove. Apparently a new music store opened up just up the street. Gonna go check it out!



The store is located at 4906 N Florida Ave., Tampa. Microgroove’s grand opening weekend continues Friday with music by Jennifer O’Connor and Tracy Shedd; Saturday with Sleepy Vikings and I Was Totally Destroying It; and Sunday with Rebekah Pulley and Will Quinlan. For info, call (813) 667-7089 or see