March and trips with the bus

We ended up ordering our inverter/charger and taking the bus on some trips to the beach in early March. Some great weather and just good times at the beach. Also got some really good fishing in, in March. Also, plenty of pics of food I made. The only thing I didn’t make was the chicken parm, which was the special of the day @

Also the last sandwich is a PBJ with an egg and bacon. Delicious.

Feb 19th & 20th – Electrical

We ended up finally installing the electrical box during these days. I wasn’t sure how to wire up a box, but I think I got it roughly right. I’m going to ask my friend who is a licensed electrician to take a look to see if I’m going to burn myself down when I get back to Michigan.

Ended up using a light kit that had 3 lights, we’ll see how it turns out. Might end up replacing them depending on how they turn out.

Feb 11th – Feb 16th – Tables + Bathroom

So, I’ve been putting this off for too long. In mid February we got a lot of work done on the bus. It was actually still kinda chilly out. High’s in the low 60’s, perfect working weather. We kept trying to find a cabinet shop that could make us custom table tops, and not a single fucking one was open. We tried calling a bunch and leaving messages. Apparently granite is cheap now and most places were only doing granite/marble counter tops. Anyways, we decided to take 2 sheets of cabinet quality 4×8’s and glue them together, sand them and screw them together from the bottom. After that trimmed to our sizes and rounded the edges. Stained and varnished both of them. We also framed out the rest of the area for the shower and got that installed, which was a new experience for both of us. Currently no grey water tank yet, so the pvc is just sticking out of the bottom. We’re not planning on using it until we have a grey water tank.

We also sewed up some covers for our beds. I ended up buying a king size foam mattress off of amazon and cutting it in half to our specs. The covers are pretty durable which should help protect the foam. You can also see the master lock that we got for the front door. It’s a pretty nifty way to do the front, we bought a garage door lock for the back.