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  • First two days in Tallahassee

    I’m going to stop belaboring my lax writing schedule. Maybe this will all be retrospective. I got to sleep through Georgia while Jacob was driving which was amazing. Arriving in Tallahassee felt a little bit like arriving back home. Being in Florida again felt good. One thing I didn’t realize though, was how hilly Tallahassee was. Hills? […]

  • On the road

    Gearing up to leave Lexington and a production issue for one of our customers almost held up our departure to Chattanooga. My coworker Tony ended up taking over for me and saving my bacon and our time table… for now. Nesa came by to say goodbye before we headed out. Leaving Lexington was uneventful until […]

  • Leaving Lexington (Part2)

    I was surprised at the diversity of the food in Lexington. We stopped by Sav’s Grill & West African Cuisine for a quick bite. I had a fantastic lamb dish. Matt had a vegetarian soup with dumplings made from plantain flour. The dumplings were kinda chewy and hearty. They worked really well with the soup.  Apparently Sav’s […]

  • Leaving Lexington (Part1)

    I’ve been hoping to write up about each place as we’re still there. Lexington however is getting a belated write up. Matt chronicled the first week pretty well, so as we’re traveling down to Tallahassee I’ll cover the rest. After the near miss on the bus getting towed Matt researched and found some parking for […]

  • We had a close call today.

    Dan, Jake, Dave, and I were sitting on Dave’s porch watching all the Louisville (pronounced Lewwww-vuuuuuh) fans stream past the house from Rupp Arena when I noticed a huge tow truck. I chuckled and commented to the guys, “That’s one big tow truck, that’s the kind of thing they use to tow semi’s that have […]

  • Charlie Brown and quick video

    Just dropping in a quick update; We went out to a bar called Charlie Brown. They had a good selection of beers and a solid vibe. If you’re in Lexington it’s worth checking out (the address is: 816 E Euclid Ave Lexington, KY 40502). Also, at the request of a friend here’s a quick video […]

  • Sock choices

    I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Red Wings wool socks. I bought a pair right before the trip and these things have been tremendous. I had no idea how awesome wool socks were. Seriously, if you’ll be wearing boots for any period of time, you should buy at least 1 pair of […]

  • First few days in Lexington, KY

    Michigan was really great to us on the day we were leaving and left us with 4 inches of snow. Thanks for the cold embrace Mitten! We still had a fair amount of packing to do, as well as a bit of work so it was kind of a bummer to do it while tracking […]

  • Trip outline If you have any suggestions for things to check out, email/text/facebook me or whatever. Or, hell, leave a comment!

  • Packing. Batteries installed. Leaving.

    Matt and I went out and spent the money on batteries and some 2/0 gauge cable. 25ft of that shit is not cheap. We learned how to make battery cables which was cool. The bus is finally an autonomous unit. Tested the generator to the inverter charger.Tested the AC to the invert. Tested the batteries. […]