Matt’s Lexington Wrap-up

Even in the space of a week, details that were once sharp have dulled. I really should be more diligent in writing. I know Dan covered this briefly, but I’d like to reiterate this… Indi’s in Lexington, KY has legit fried chicken. Indi’s is the kind of place that you’re happy you don’t have near you, otherwise you’d gently balloon further out at the waist with each bite. Seriously great chicken, and worth having once (or 3 times).

Prior to leaving for the trip I had started ‘collecting’ two dollar bills. I never had a specific idea with what to do with them other than occasionally buy something with two’s. I think they’re a neat piece of currency that will likely get wiped out by the time I’m an old man. Before we actually left I divined that I would hand out the bills two the folks that were kind enough to open their homes to us. See below for the first 3 of those bills.

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