On the road

Gearing up to leave Lexington and a production issue for one of our customers almost held up our departure to Chattanooga. My coworker Tony ended up taking over for me and saving my bacon and our time table… for now.

Nesa came by to say goodbye before we headed out. Leaving Lexington was uneventful until we hit an hour+ long traffic jam. Stop and go traffic isn’t great fun in a bus. At least it’s not stick! It seemed like the whole state of Michigan was flocking to the south with us for Spring Break. We were stuck in traffic with a van that had #YOLO, other hashtages and twitter handles soaped onto the car. I’m not sure they know how hashtages work. Someone also took a video of the bus while we were doing 5-10 MPH.

Traffic eventually cleared and all we could see was a family with suitcases, dog, kids and a police office near them with his flashers on.

Daylight gave way to dusk which gave way to night. Rain showers decided to show up with the night. Fog also made an appearance for our mountain travels. I white knuckled my way through the start of the rain and the mountains. The rain eventually let up a bit and I could enjoy the mountains. The bus was able to maintain 40mph on the steeper portions!

Eventually we made it to Chattanooga to stop for the night at our friend Stephanie’s place. Thank you for the hospitality Steph! I also got a chance to play her boyfriend’s Martin acoustic guitar. Martin’s are definitely worth their price tags.

Now we’re on the road again on our way to Tallahassee and warmer weather. Writing this all out while riding so I can transcribe it later. Best part about driving a bus through Georgia? You can’t go fast enough to get ticketed!

Jake also took some of the driving on. So I got to lay down and read/nap through Georgia.

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