Indio and on to LA

Indio was a temporary stop for us before going to the coast. With the trailer hitch getting replaced it kind of fucked up our grey water waste valve. Basically it was now sticking straight up.

We were brainstorming how to redo the valve and how to drain the grey water. This became an issue because it had filled up and was dripping out of the top breathing/air valve. We biked over to a place for lunch. Keeping the valve in mind I was googling plumbing shops. I saw one that was less than 2 miles from the restaurant we were at. I managed to coerce the guys into biking with me. I might have exaggerated a little bit and told them it was closer than it was.

After crossing some train tracks we got to a semi commercial supplier. Jacob gathered a bunch of stuff for different possible combinations. So we started heading back. Keep in mind that Indio is still the desert. Biking miles in the sun during the hottest part of the day was taking its toll on me. Matt and I ended up stopping at a gas station to buy some water. Phil and Jake thought that was a stupid idea so they biked on.

I was navigating for us and I overshot the street we should have taken. My lack of map skills turned out to be a blessing. There was an RV shop! “Oh. Shit” I thought to myself, “I bet they carry waste valves”. We went in and started chatting with the proprietress. An older lady who told us to bring our bikes in because “Indio is the bike theft capital of California”. We ended up going through all of the plumbing stuff and grabbed a grey water waste spigot. Everything clicked. I had originally wondered why the 1 and 1/2″ fittings didn’t have the camco rhinoflex type drain fittings. Grey water is supposed to be drained with a regular garden type hose if it’s an independent system! So we put back some of the plumbing stuff that we had grabbed earlier and grabbed fittings so that we could use this grey water spigot. It was also advantageous because the space had gotten much much tighter with the new hitch. We also bought a new shower head because the original one was leaking like crazy. We also grabbed some other odds and ends. A pop up waste can. Some electronic crap. And I can’t remember what else.

So, we end up back at the bus and show Jake and Phil our newly purchased spoils. I can’t remember if I started on this immediately or if I ended up taking a break. I think I ended up rearranging the trailer for travel. Or we moved the trailer so we could take the bus out to dinner and shopping (bike tubes were needed, evil desert thorns killed 4 out of our 8 tubes).

Bought some beer. Bought some ice. Ate at a Korean restaurant. Got back to the park and drank beers and watched TV shows. Next day was time to get to work on the water system and rewire the trailer hitch 4 prong connector (it had come undone from the bus hookup and dragged at one point so that the metal connections were severely scraped down from rubbing against the pavement).

From here it’s onwards into California. Desert jamming and then into LA.

(I didn’t take any pictures. Sorry. Hopefully Matt has some)

To Glu’s we go.

First off. I want to plug our buddy Glu’s podcast. Lions Central Radio check it out for your Detroit Lions news (their posts also go up on this site with the podcast you can listen to or download)!

This felt like a new leg. We were kind of isolated at Dave’s place so I was definitely looking forward to seeing our buddy and the chance to be closer to stuff.

We were on the last bit of the freeway (the 202) and Jake looks back and is like, “Uh, guys. The trailer looks fucked up”. Sure enough, look back and it’s far far far lower than it normally is. It also looks like it’s bouncing around as we’re driving on the freeway. We were kind of between a rock and a fucked place at this point. There are no shoulders and it’s a 1 lane elevated off-ramp. So we just crossed our fingers and hoped real hard that our shit didn’t get totally buggered.

We made it to McDowell (the road the ramp lets off of) and we started scoping for a place to pull into. We find a bar. Nice big parking lot. I tell Matt that I’ll hop out and take a look. Whistled through my teeth when I got back there. We were incredibly lucky. The hitch was sitting and hanging on 1 side by a single bolt. The bolt on the other side had sheered off.

Matt and Jake started unhooking the trailer from the bus, so I hopped into the trailer to pull the hand cart out. We had just bought a new tire for the hand cart before we left, so that worked out well for us. We still hadn’t put the new tire on though, so I tossed that on and got it hooked up to the trailer and pulled it over into a spot in the parking lot.

A guy came out of the bar and told us there was a U-Haul down the street. So Matt and Jake took off in search of a hitch while Phil and I babysat the trailer and drank some beer.

Matt and Jake arrived an hour or so later? Something along those lines. They ended up having to rent a truck with a hitch so we could move it. The hitch had to be special ordered for the bus. So we hooked up the trailer and hopped in the bus and headed on our way again.

Glu welcomed us to his place and took Matt and Jake to return the truck. Glu let Phil and I know which Apartment number was his and handed me his keys. He said to walk in, and that his girlfriend was expecting us. We ended up finding the apartment and I fiddled with trying to unlock the door with the key so I just tried the handle. Unlocked! So we walk in, and I see their couch. So I start assembling how the sleeping arrangement will work out. Glu’s girlfriend Chelsea walks in and sees us.. and is like.. “Hey…..”. I had laid down on the couch at that point. Hopped back up offered my hand “Hey! Glu’s friends?!”. My attempt at defraying the awkwardness of 2 guys walking into someones place. Fortunately we had met at Glu’s old place when he was living on a lake in Michigan. We started catching up over some beers while we waited for the guys to get back.


-Wings won game 7!

-Glu is a fiend for shots when we go out

-Pools are amazing in AZ

-Super cute new kitten

-Amazing hospitality

-Slow cooked pork!

At some point in the week Glu took us to the hotel he works at and got us all drunk on some fancy pitchers of tequila drinks. We actually didn’t go out as much as I had initially thought we would. Mostly it was wake up, drink coffee, make a quick breakfast and start working.

We tried to pick up after ourselves as much as possible. 3 dudes crowded up the living room. Phil had a cot setup in Vince’s room which was nice. Most days I’d catch up on work, pick up tickets and then when I had downtime go hop in the pool and soak up some sun. Scottsdale was hot and dry (what a surprise, right?!) which was nice when you hopped out of the pool. Dry in no time!

We cooked a fair amount. Glu’s mom was coming in to town on Friday so we ended up splitting a little early to get to California so we wouldn’t interrupt the Mother-Son time. We left a little later than I had wanted to but we made it through the desert to our destination. Indio, CA.

(Also, sorry for the lack of photos. I was too busy soaking up the sun and the pool to think about pictures!)

More Grand Canyon and Phoenix

Before Phoenix we ended up staying at the Grand Canyon. Everything is expensive. The food. The RV Park. Entrance to the canyon. Gas is marked up .40-.50c.

I get it though. They’re charging that because people are willing to pay. At the RV Park it was full of Germans and French people in rental RVs. While I was taking a shit there I got to listen to two German guys chattering back and forth at each other. Something about the showers being really cold and his friend giving him shit about it and laughing. The park was pretty nice although you had to insert quarters for the shower. You’re spending just short of a room for a night and you’re paying for 2 minute increments of shower.

Anyways, the pictures that we took of the canyon don’t really do it justice. It really is breathtaking. And not just because of the elevation and walk up. The first few looks gave me vertigo. I had to step back and just kind of take it in. Yet again, in my ignorance I had an idea of what the canyon was going to be like. I thought the canyon was going to be surrounded by desert, but it’s about a mile up from sea level on the south rim and surrounded by trees. It really was worth the trip. I am a little disappointed that we didn’t go to the 4-corners but I could see coming through for that. So we saw the sights, took the photos, and bought the post cards. After that we decided to hoof it. It’s a bit like Niagara Falls. You see it and peer around, read up on it a bit and go.. “okay”.

The drive was about 5 hours. Before pulling into the city I wanted to fill up the tank. We got to a station and it was diesel but only at one pump. People kept cock blocking the bus. It took hopping out of the bus and asking someone to move so we could fill up. Anyways we pulled up to Phil’s friend Dave’s place. He has a fire hydrant in front of his house so we had to park on the side. Eventually (tues? wed?) the cops came and asked us to move it due to a complaint. I don’t know what busybody fucks call in complaints for this stuff.. but oh well. We were by no means blocking the street but c’est la vie.

We met Dave and his dog Mika (an akida). Akida’s are big quiet dogs. Friendly but protective. Dave had bought his place a few years earlier and is in the process of fixing it up. He has a pool but didn’t have it ready for the season yet. We spent a lot of our time working and playing some video games. Phil and Matt ran some needed errands on Monday.

Regarding parking, we moved the bus to a public park on Wednesday. There was a church of LDS just north of Dave’s place though. Matt and I dropped by and asked if we could park there until Friday night. The 2 gentlemen who were working the church’s employment office said it would be okay and that they would talk to the Bishop. We left immensely relieved. We were getting ready to walk and pick up our bikes from the shop but instead grabbed the bus from the park, grabbed the bikes and then parked at the church. We left signs taped up with my phone number and a note asking to call before towing.

On Thursday Matt saw that the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing a game. So we figured it was a good excuse to go into the city. We ended up calling a ‘limo’ service which is a taxi by the hours. Cost us $30 to get into the city. We scalped 3 bleacher tickets for $32 total. Drank some expensive stadium beers and split early from the game to meet our buddy Zach out @ RA Sushi on Mill St. We hung out with Zach and shot the shit and caught up. Got drunk on Sake.

Mill is near the college so its full of kids and shitty college bars. I ended up asking a bouncer at a bar with a line down the block if that “is the entrance for adults?”.

We ended up calling it a night around 12:30 local.. which is 3:30 EST. Got back after 4’ish. Fuuuuuuucking mistake. We all were waking up @ 8am local.

Friday rolls around and I get a call from an Arizona area code. Some member of the church started asking me why I thought I could park there. I let him know we spoke with 2 people at the employment office and he asked me for names. I unfortunately didn’t think to ask for their names. At least it was Friday. So I let him know we would move it.

We were planning on leaving on Saturday so we got packed up. Headed up over to an In-n-Out burgers. Time to head east across the city and over to Scottsdale!

Goodbye NM. Hello AZ.

On our way out from Albuquerque I elected to drive (I prefer to drive.. it gives me something to do). I spied a sign that said FRYBREAD, which I just couldn’t pass up. Right off of the stop there was a little food cart that featured some roasted lamb, burgers, indian tacos and of course green chile. We grabbed 2 indian tacos and 2 roast lamb. The lamb was a little tough but good. Indian tacos consisted of veggies and beans with green chile sauce.


The road from Albuquerque is pretty gorgeous. Mesa, plateaus and red cliff faces follow along the highway. Arizona ended up being what I thought New Mexico was. Lots of open space and being able to see for miles. We ended up stopping by some roadside stops to find a guitar strap with bead work or some bead work bracelets. Apparently it’s all about the silver and turquoise. We ended up buying my mom some earrings for mothers day.

Flagstaff was a bit of a surprise. Once we got into the city and the shade of the mountains it really cooled off. It felt nothing like the rest of Arizona. Flagstaff’s elevation is a mile+ or so? It’s a small town with a population of 65,000. It definitely feels like a small town. For whatever reason I had always thought Flagstaff was a larger city. We ended up taking the scenic route through the mountains. It was a 2 lane highway uphill most of the way. I’d end up pulling off on the side of the road so people could pass me.

I was worried that the office for the rv park would be close but we ended up driving into PDT. So it wasn’t as late as I thought it was going to be. The rv park had coin operated showers which was a first for us. On the drive up we killed the last of our water so getting to fill up was good. The water pump at the previous place was being wonky so we had skipped topping off before leaving.

We ended up getting set up and we walked next door to some fake cowboy steak house. Drank some expensive beer and ordered food that cost way more than it should have.

1 Mile up in ABQ

I don’t have much in the way of pictures from Albuquerque. Our week was pretty laid back. The RV Park had free continental breakfasts which was really nice. Being able to just wake up and go walk over and get some coffee is choice. We went into Albuquerque a couple times, Matt got another tattoo (which I’m sure he’ll write about).

I was surprised by how quiet the freeway sounded from the RV Park. I’d glance over and see a long line of cars but the sounded more like cars passing right after fresh snow than a long line on the freeway. Dust is super pervasive. I saw my first dust devils in Texas and then in the RV Park we would watch them roll in with tumbleweeds.

In preparation for Phil joining us we trimmed back how much stuff we have in the bus. While doing this I realized that we brought far too much stuff. If I were to do this again I would make a bike rack to store the bikes on and I’d work on a storage system under the bus where I ratchet strapped in large strong plastic storage to hold things like the electrical hook up and stuff that you don’t need access to constantly. We also started using mesh bags and carabiners to hang some of our stuff up. We have our spices and hot sauces hanging from the shelving in mesh bags. Magic cards, drawing stuff, onions, silverware. Just trying to keep things up out of the way but still accessible. I ended up ordering more bags and carabiners while at the park.

There were some falcons that hung around the park. They’d find desert rodents and eat them on top of the light posts. I kept trying to get a picture but they’d always hop/fly out of the way by the time my camera was up.

Our friend John showed us around ABQ and took us to some of the local eateries and drove us up on the mountain to look down on the city. John had to work while we were there and since we were pretty far out of the city we didn’t get to hang out a ton. We did get to catch up with John and find out what he’s been up to. One thing he does is an improv show that you can listen to here @ (or on iTunes). Thanks John!

Because the bike up the ‘hill’ to get back to the RV Park was pretty brutal we ended up just unhooking the bus from the trailer and driving the bus into town when we needed to get groceries. We ended up buying a bunch of Pedro’s medium salsa (which is still pretty hot, but not nearly as mean as the hot salsa).

Phil flew in from Tampa to join us on Friday. We spent Friday catching up and talking about the trip. The plan is to go up through Flagstaff and onward to the Grand Canyon!

On the road to Roswell and Albuquerque

We ended up leaving Dallas far later than we intended. A customer had created a ticket and was trying like crazy to get after hours support. I’m the on call guy, so I had to let them know that what they wanted to do was technically a special engagement since it wasn’t our product crashing or anything like that. After I let them know that they would have to pay, they suddenly became unresponsive. Unfortunately I still had to wait until about Midnight EST before we could get going. While I was waiting to hear back from the customer Matt and Jake did the brunt of the packing up of the bus and getting us road ready. I also helped schlepp some of the stuff back to the bus while watching my phone and laptop for a response. After waiting for 3 hours we got out on the road around 11:20 CST. Our goal was to get outside of Dallas and get to Abilene and sleep at a rest stop.

We were sitting around 1/2 a tank of diesel before we left. So I figured we would get outside of the traffic before stopping for a fill up. Unfortunately the route we took, they had the freeway shut down for a portion for road work. We ended up spending about an hour in a traffic jam before we were able to get moving again. After we started getting low on fuel I stopped at the nearest gas station. None of us had eaten dinner so we had 1 option. Whattaburger. Not bad. Not great either, just food. Eventually we made it just outside of Abilene near a rest stop. Pulled in behind 6 other semis and called it a night around 3am CST.

Woke up earlier and later than I wanted, but whatever. Previously in Dallas, we hadn’t emptied out our toilet. It only has pee, but if you let pee sit around in a hot vehicle and you forgot to put Bio Blue in (in this case it was added late with not enough water) it brews some serious funk. Quick note about Bio Blue. If you add it correctly it absolutely helps with the nasty smells that develop. Anyways, Matt was the brave one and emptied it at the rest stop. Good god. The smell. After dumping that and washing hands (and adding Bio Blue with enough water) we got under way. First stop was some small town in west Texas. No breakfast for any of us, but there was a Taco Casa right next to the gas station. Matt got us a nacho and a taco salad. I really wish we had taken a picture, but it was a mountain of food. Not the best way to start a day, but we weren’t hungry for a long while.

We had talked about our route earlier. Jake suggested going through Roswell as the spot we were going to stay at in Norman, OK wasn’t really going to work out. We ended up taking a lot of smaller interstates to get through west Texas. Although, we mainly took US 380. We passed a lot of wind farms. I think Matt and Jake got photos of those. I drove the majority of the way to Roswell. We passed a gas station when we were around 1/2 a tank and thought, ah whatever.. there’s this ‘Caprock’ town just another 30 miles ahead. We get to Caprock, and it’s just a diner that also advertises Fresh Water. Uh oh. No filling station in sight. Okay, whatever. So I keep driving and watching the fuel gauge get lower and lower. The GPS kept telling me to take a right on Atkinson Ave. 30 miles away. 20 miles away. I kept hoping that Atkinson was in Roswell. It was the longest 30 miles I’ve ever driven, watching the gauge go lower and lower. We hit E before we made it to Atkinson. Fortunately the gauge isn’t too accurate. We made it into Roswell! The first spot only had gasoline. No diesel. Shit. Up ahead I see some farm equipment shop. I figured they would know a station that would have diesel. The lady inside pointed us a little further down the street. Saved!

I was pretty excited to see Roswell, unfortunately it just turned out to be a little town. All of my visions of X-Files-esque adventures dashed. We would have stopped and taken in some of the sights but all we had time for was dinner. Matt looked around on Yelp and found some place called Margaritas that had some decent reviews. It was a combination Chinese/Mexican food place. We all got some tacos and margaritas and dug in.

Along the drive, I really got to take in west Texas and New Mexico. I’ve never been in a desert before. Watched the vegetation continue to dwindle and the dirt get redder and redder. West Texas is actually fairly pretty as well as New Mexico. Although New Mexico felt more open and barren.

We made it to American RV Park around 10:30 PM mountain time. We had called ahead earlier and they had dropped our lot and park information into a box in front of the park. Pulled into lot 101 and got everything hooked up and settled in.

Sunday. Matt got ahold of our friend John and found out what he was up to. We decided to meet up for lunch at Filibertos. We all thought, “Hey why don’t we bike there?”. Holy shit. Wrong idea. It took us about 30 minutes to bike there. Unfortunately it was all downhill. And when I say downhill, I mean that I didn’t have to pedal for a solid 15-20 minutes. Just apply brakes to keep speed reasonable. I was already not looking forward to biking back.

We made it to Filibertos and hung out with John and his roommate. We ended up shooting the shit and eating too much food. (Apparently the green chili/salsa is a big deal here) They had to head back, I think John had to go to work. We said our goodbyes and we started on the trek back to the RV Park. Although we had the bright idea to get some groceries beforehand.

We made it back after our long uphill battle. One thing I noticed was how damn dry it was. My eyebrows were like salt licks. I could have seasoned some food with how much salt they were holding.

The next day started out fairly uneventful. We all had to work but John ended up picking us up and taking us into the city. We stopped by Dion’s Pizza for some dinner. We ordered a large pizza with pepperoni and green chile. Pretty good pizza and the chili was a nice touch. After that we headed over to Marble Brewery for some drinks. It’s a local brewery that has a pretty decent IPA.

Frisco pics

I don’t have a ton to add. I was either sick or my allergies were reaming me. Cocktail of zyrtec and sudafed. I spent a lot of the time working and resting. Catching up on more reading. We went and had some tex mex at Mannys in Frisco. The only bummer was that they didn’t have any hot sauce. My shoes had really gone to shit while we were in New Orleans so I ordered some new kicks from Matt has some VIP status with them so we get stuff delivered next day for free. I ended up getting these Asics Onitsuka Tigers.

Exploring New Orleans

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post(s), there was a tornado watch one of the days and severe thunderstorm warnings when we were staying at the RV Park. It was an interesting experience. I hadn’t really thought about weathering a storm in a school bus, but we concluded that if it turned into a tornado warning we would go to the bathroom house thingy @ the RV park and huddle around in there. The tornado watch finished up but the severe thunderstorm continued. It ended up having some pretty intense winds. It buffeted the bus a little bit even with a fair amount of cover from the wind. I think Matt ended up taking a video of it. Previously the temperatures were in the mid 80’s and the storm brought the temperature down into the 50s which was a bit welcome. Anyways, just one of the things that I almost forgot about with our stay in the park.

So we ended up moving into the front of Loren’s place. Loren’s roommate Ben had moved his truck (Hate machine? I’m kinda fuzzy on the name of the truck) from the front of their house to across the street in front of an abandoned house so that we could park at their place. We pulled up right next to the curb, but the curb is prettttty steep. So the bus ended up being on a tilt. The first couple of nights we were there, I ended up rolling into bed and I’d end up laying against the wall and my bed. Getting out of bed I had to escape the bed’s gravity well and vault myself out of it. It kinda reminded me of this house Matt and I rented when we were younger. It was in East Lansing and the house had settled… just a ‘bit’. And by ‘bit’ I mean a lot. If you set a baseball in the center of a room it would roll to a corner in every room. You had to feng shui the shit out of your bed/desk placement because of the crazy tilt of the house. TV placement was also important, you didn’t want it falling out/off of its stand. Eventually we ended up moving and parking up on the curb, ironically by that point I kind of missed the tilt of my bed.

To start out, I didn’t know if we could plug the bus into the house or what was cool. So we were planning on getting some gas and running the generator to charge up the batteries. Before we could do that though, Ben and Loren were like ‘Do you guys need power? Here let me go grab an extension cord.’. So we were able to run our laptops and fans and all that without having to resort to gasoline.

From what I could tell everyone in New Orleans owned a dog or they were in between owning a dog. Walking along the streets, dogs would harangue us. The best was the little dogs barking with all of their might letting us know how mean they were. WOOF! WOOF!! The little dogs definitely elicited a chuckle from all of us whenever we passed them. It seemed like everyone in Ben/Loren’s house owned a dog. It was definitely a house of people who liked animals. The dogs of the house were dubious of our nature for most of the first week. Want to come in for a piss or a shower? Open the door and… “BOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. ‘WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU WHAT’RE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!?! BOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!”. I think one of my favorite dogs was Linus. A little black lab mix. He looks like a puppy even though he was 3 or 4 years old. Super timid guy though. Anytime someone new would come over he’d hide between/behind your legs and bark away. Ridiculously precious dog though.

We worked from the bus and weathered the heat. We went out a bunch of the nights and checked the city out. It’s kinda dangerous though, if you’re not paying attention to the time 4AM CST can creep up on you. 5AM EST, which means just barely enough sleep if you fall asleep right as you hit the bed. One of the nights we ended up staying out super late, and from that point on I made it a priority to check the time so I could get enough rest.

The city has all sorts of little quirks, from the pronunciation of things (the street Burgundy is bur GUNdee) to people’s houses to the traditions of the people in the city. One of the traditions is that you take a dollar and pin it to your shirt if it’s your birthday. You can wander around the bars and people will pin dollars on you and wish you a happy birthday. This ended up working out pretty well for Matt and I since our birthday occured while we were in New Orleans.

On one of our last nights we ended up riding bikes around City Park and around midtown with Ben and Loren. It was definitely a highlight for me, a chance to see more of the city outside of the bars and the neighborhoods. While we were biking around City Park we stopped at this spot that has some statues and columns in front of a pond. We hung out there for a bit and drank some beers. Loren swilled the remaining of the bottle of vodka. He then wound up to hurl the bottle into the lack and overstretched a little bit and SPLASH. Wet Loren. He ended up bouncing right up and tossing us his cell phone and trying to get out. I was looking away, so I was like.. ‘Man, that’s ballsy.. taking a dip in this pond.’. Anyways, we were backing back to the city to hang out in midtown again and we mentioned wanting to do a boil. A boil can consist of crawfish, corn, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, oranges/lemons/limes, artichokes, tons of garlic, and the boil seasoning (I might have missed something). When I say, ‘we mentioned wanting to do a boil’, what I mean is that I drunkenly said ‘HELL FUCKIN YEAH WE SHOULD DO A BOIL! I’LL BUY THE CRAWFISH!‘. The next day, nursing a minor hangover and a little bit of lack of sleep.. I was determined not to do the boil. Fortunately Ben held me/us to our word and said ‘Fuck you man! I’ve been calling people, we’re doing the fucking boil‘. So, with a fire under my ass.. I finished reading my book. Matt kept harassing me to get it together, but I was determined to be shitty. Eventually I relented and started calling people. One of the guys we met, Heath, has a car so he drove us to Walmart to pick up all of the sides.. and maybe crawfish. One of the wonderful things about Walmart is that they don’t care what they sell. If it’s local and people will buy it? They’ll stock it and sell it to you. They had crawfish! Also it was like $1.68/lb which the guys were saying is an amazing price. Especially considering at the start of the season they cost around $4/lb. So we picked up 65lbs of crawfish (2 sacks.. sacks are anywhere from 30-40 lbs). Matt and I bought the crawfish and some beer for around $140. Loren (maybe Ben threw in on it too?) bought all of the extras, potatoes etc. Ben had the boil pot (which is a huge monstrous thing), that Heath had been using for his beer brewing. So, long story short we ended up putting the boil together in something like 2-3 hours.

There’s a process with the boil. You get the crawfish and they’re chilled, which slows them down. As they warm up they turn into frenzied monsters. That doesn’t matter so much as what you do with them next. Which is to bathe them in a salt water mixture and let them sit around for a while so that they’ll purge. The little mudbugs will just sit around and shit out all of the mud and whatever other garbage they eat. While we weren’t planning on doing this for 4 hours, we ended up doing it for 4 hours. The propane that was heating the boil pot ran out, so Heath went out and picked up a new one with Matt. That took a while to do. So, we got the propane hooked back up, but now we needed to boil 25+ gallons of water. Ages. AGES. Ben ended up tweaking the propane so that it was burning hotter, and then another hour later we had boiling water.

Now, boiling water. Most of the veggies go in along with the boil seasoning.  Withholding the mushrooms until later. Let it come back up to a boil, and then wait 10-15 minutes to cook the corn and potatoes. Then, with the boil rolling dump a sack of crawfish in along with the mushrooms. Run the heat for 2-4 minutes? Then turn it off and let them soak. This is all guesses. By this point most everyone who showed up was drunk or getting there. We ended up digging into the fruits of our labors. I learned some better crawfish eating methods as well as finding out that the first boil is never as good as the subsequent boils. The cops were called earlier in the night because we had some loud music going. He saw that we were doing a boil, and just asked us to turn the music down. Which we did. Party continued! Eventually we wound down. Full, drunk and tired. My first ever boil completed.