To Glu’s we go.

First off. I want to plug our buddy Glu’s podcast. Lions Central Radio┬ácheck it out for your Detroit Lions news (their posts also go up on this site with the podcast you can listen to or download)!

This felt like a new leg. We were kind of isolated at Dave’s place so I was definitely looking forward to seeing our buddy and the chance to be closer to stuff.

We were on the last bit of the freeway (the 202) and Jake looks back and is like, “Uh, guys. The trailer looks fucked up”. Sure enough, look back and it’s far far far lower than it normally is. It also looks like it’s bouncing around as we’re driving on the freeway. We were kind of between a rock and a fucked place at this point. There are no shoulders and it’s a 1 lane elevated off-ramp. So we just crossed our fingers and hoped real hard that our shit didn’t get totally buggered.

We made it to McDowell (the road the ramp lets off of) and we started scoping for a place to pull into. We find a bar. Nice big parking lot. I tell Matt that I’ll hop out and take a look. Whistled through my teeth when I got back there. We were incredibly lucky. The hitch was sitting and hanging on 1 side by a single bolt. The bolt on the other side had sheered off.

Matt and Jake started unhooking the trailer from the bus, so I hopped into the trailer to pull the hand cart out. We had just bought a new tire for the hand cart before we left, so that worked out well for us. We still hadn’t put the new tire on though, so I tossed that on and got it hooked up to the trailer and pulled it over into a spot in the parking lot.

A guy came out of the bar and told us there was a U-Haul down the street. So Matt and Jake took off in search of a hitch while Phil and I babysat the trailer and drank some beer.

Matt and Jake arrived an hour or so later? Something along those lines. They ended up having to rent a truck with a hitch so we could move it. The hitch had to be special ordered for the bus. So we hooked up the trailer and hopped in the bus and headed on our way again.

Glu welcomed us to his place and took Matt and Jake to return the truck. Glu let Phil and I know which Apartment number was his and handed me his keys. He said to walk in, and that his girlfriend was expecting us. We ended up finding the apartment and I fiddled with trying to unlock the door with the key so I just tried the handle. Unlocked! So we walk in, and I see their couch. So I start assembling how the sleeping arrangement will work out. Glu’s girlfriend Chelsea walks in and sees us.. and is like.. “Hey…..”. I had laid down on the couch at that point. Hopped back up offered my hand “Hey! Glu’s friends?!”. My attempt at defraying the awkwardness of 2 guys walking into someones place. Fortunately we had met at Glu’s old place when he was living on a lake in Michigan. We started catching up over some beers while we waited for the guys to get back.


-Wings won game 7!

-Glu is a fiend for shots when we go out

-Pools are amazing in AZ

-Super cute new kitten

-Amazing hospitality

-Slow cooked pork!

At some point in the week Glu took us to the hotel he works at and got us all drunk on some fancy pitchers of tequila drinks. We actually didn’t go out as much as I had initially thought we would. Mostly it was wake up, drink coffee, make a quick breakfast and start working.

We tried to pick up after ourselves as much as possible. 3 dudes crowded up the living room. Phil had a cot setup in Vince’s room which was nice. Most days I’d catch up on work, pick up tickets and then when I had downtime go hop in the pool and soak up some sun. Scottsdale was hot and dry (what a surprise, right?!) which was nice when you hopped out of the pool. Dry in no time!

We cooked a fair amount. Glu’s mom was coming in to town on Friday so we ended up splitting a little early to get to California so we wouldn’t interrupt the Mother-Son time. We left a little later than I had wanted to but we made it through the desert to our destination. Indio, CA.

(Also, sorry for the lack of photos. I was too busy soaking up the sun and the pool to think about pictures!)

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