Packing. Batteries installed. Leaving.

Matt and I went out and spent the money on batteries and some 2/0 gauge cable. 25ft of that shit is not cheap. We learned how to make battery cables which was cool. The bus is finally an autonomous unit. Tested the generator to the inverter charger.Tested the AC to the invert. Tested the batteries.

We ran into issues initially when trying to charge the batteries from AC power and the generator. The inverter would ramp up and then shut off. Ramp up. Shut off. We were both really worried that the inverter had issues. We ended up grabbing a network cable and hooking up our xanbus control panel. I had read a review that the inverter tries to pull 150amps to charge the batteries. I turned the charge rate to 40% and lo and behold the inverter is able to charge the batteries!

All of the big items were basically done after that. We finished our propane hookup. Dragged the trailer over. More finish work. I have limited pictures, but I’m sure we’ll have more to come. Jacob showed up today (Friday) and we started really packing things into the bus. Clothes, music gear, bikes, tools, food.

For those that don’t know, we’re leaving this Saturday to travel the US and stay with friends and check out as much as possible and work from the road. It all seems unreal with it this close. ¬†We’ll update from the road and try to take as many pictures as possible.

On a side notes, I cleaned up the cabling a bunch. Still need to clean the bus up some more.

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