Category: Trips

  • February Snowstorm

    PHOTODUMP. Cuz why not? Went for a walk. Trees cracking from the weight of the snow. My favorite part about fresh snow is how quiet everything is. Cars roll silently by.  

  • Fishing in October 2012

    Beautiful time to fish, unfortunately no fish were biting. Not even bluegill. On the other hand we discovered that the salmon were running and we got to see some good looking fish, but none of the jerks would bite.

  • 2012 Summer Trips and Fuel Lines

    2012 was an eventful year for us. Moving back to Michigan (1200 mile trip from Tampa!). Moving back into our Grandmother’s house. Getting re-acquainted with our Detroit office. Catching up with our Michigan friends, and some trips. We went up to Charlevoix, MI for one trip. We went to visit our friend Glu at his […]

  • Long trip back to Michigan

    Packing is never fun, but trying to pack everything 2 people own into a school bus, trailer, and 2000 Suzuki Esteem is a little hard. We managed to do it. We gave some stuff away to friends but we managed to get all of our instruments, tools, computers, bikes/motorcycles and all of that in there. […]