Category: engine

  • Starting woes

    We’ve had issue starting the bus for a while now. We decided to try to diagnose the issue. We had the glow plugs replaced while we were in Tampa, so we figured it wasn’t that. We traced it to this actuator thing that was throwing sparks when put the key into the on position. When […]

  • 2012 Summer Trips and Fuel Lines

    2012 was an eventful year for us. Moving back to Michigan (1200 mile trip from Tampa!). Moving back into our Grandmother’s house. Getting re-acquainted with our Detroit office. Catching up with our Michigan friends, and some trips. We went up to Charlevoix, MI for one trip. We went to visit our friend Glu at his […]

  • Some more shots from our first day

    These are some other shots from our first day of work.  Tearing seats out, taking the ceiling off and taking out the insulation.  Also some engine shots as well as the old rusted out radiator surge tank (also, I had a heck of a time trying to figure out the name for that little metal […]

  • Parts and parts

    These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.  We discovered that the oil pressure sensor was broken (we originally thought it might be oil temp).  I showed the new one in some previous pictures but I wanted to show off the old one as well.  It took a little figuring to get it sorted […]