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  • March – Finishing shelving

    Finished the shelving up, cut our rugs to fit. Installed a new electrical box for the fridge to hook up to. More cosmetic stuff, finishing touches. Thanks RJ for the quarter round idea to help keep the under bunk storage in!

  • March – Shelving work

    We decided to go with flexible shelving for clothes and stuff. Plus it’s cheap. And lightweight.

  • Matt’s pictures from the 19th – Fridge, Curtains, Shelving

  • Old photo off-loading!

    So, bunch of photos. I’ll try and come back and write more about them. For now, you just get purty pics to look at. -Matt

  • Jan 19th 2013 – Fridge installed

    Another flurry of activity in January. Got the Fridge fitted in. Installed the first parts of the shelving. More bathroom work. Also some updates with my grandpa’s toolbox that I was refinishing. Paint finally done. I might powder coat it at a later date.

  • Jan 12th 2013 – Cosmetic changes and bathroom stuff

    Minor update. Some cosmetic changes to the bathroom. Added some wood to the exposed 2×4’s. Sealed up the bathroom before it got too cold.

  • Drapes, sewing, and sheathing the seats

    Our late Aunt Linda and our Grandmother were great collectors of fabric. Some people had stamps, they had fabric. Our Mother also has a fair amount of fabric as well. Anyways, the great thing about having these fabric collectors in our lives is that they have plenty of fabric to go around. Matt and I […]

  • September 2012 – Bunk work

    We ended up redoing the height of the top bunk so that the person on top wasn’t so close to the ceiling. Took it down a bit, unfortunately it means that the bottom bunk has less room (can’t put that down because of the wheel well) but overall a big improvement on the space. I […]

  • Finish work before heading to Michigan

    Our rules for Kings. Had a little going away get together. We had to rip out part of the shower so that we could get access to the wiring to install our trailer hitch light. That was zero fun. Finished up some of the plumbing. Fixed the wiring of the internal lights, and the brake/turn […]

  • May News & June Electrical work

    June was a hectic month. We found out that our landlady wouldn’t renew our lease because she needed to move into the place. So we asked to work out of our Detroit office, which was approved. After that it was a mad dash to finish up as much on the bus as possible so we […]