Drapes, sewing, and sheathing the seats

Our late Aunt Linda and our Grandmother were great collectors of fabric. Some people had stamps, they had fabric. Our Mother also has a fair amount of fabric as well. Anyways, the great thing about having these fabric collectors in our lives is that they have plenty of fabric to go around. Matt and I spent some time with our Mother looking through fabrics and picked out a lot of possibilities and started the whole process of washing, measuring and weighing in on what we’re gonna use.

Matt did all of the sewing work with our Mother for the drapes. Thanks Matt! Thanks Mom for helping Matt and letting us use your sewing machine! I ended up sheathing the dinette seats in the bus while he was doing this. Finally got to put my new table saw to more use. Winter also decided to show up. Garage is cold and not as much fun to work in when it’s in the 20s.

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