Sweet sweet football. MSU vs Georgia in the Outback bowl. Many beers were had, grilled some meats and ate some sides. We just used an antenna to pick up a signal.  It’s weird getting an HD signal from the air.  The only downside is that instead of getting ghost images and crackly reception like analog.. the video cuts out and you get the weird artifacts.  I was going to build an antenna for this, but the previous 2 days didn’t leave me a whole lot of time for that.

Matt bought us a quiet Honda generator. It is very quiet. It’s ridiculous how nice it is. Some people across from us had a generator that they placed 5 cars away from them and it was still louder than ours was. Definitely worth the $$$ for the quiet.

Pretty alright time, it was just a lot colder than I would have liked.  Actually it wouldn’t have really been that cold if the wind hadn’t picked up so much. Still had a good time and got to see friends though. Also MSU won, so that was a nice bonus. Ridiculous triple over time win over Georgia, lots of glum Georgia fans trudged past us. We ended up parking next to the bus fleet that brought the cheerleaders and band down. Also we only had to pay $25 for parking!