Painting, and mounting the Tank.

Nothing like starting off a day of hard work with a mild hangover! Our friend Chris came over from Lansing for an evening out in Metro Detroit and we also met up with a new friend, Sera, who we met through Josh (who now lives in San Fran). I’ve added a couple bad photo’s I took from the night prior for reference 😉

Dan, my Dad, and our buddy Jake all took part in working on the bus this Sunday and the affects of that work are visible on all of us. Jake has a couple of burns, he’s covered in PVC cement, dirt and sweat. Dan is sore in the shoulders, back and abs from essentially doing crunches all day to paint POR-15 our new storage boxes that our Uncle Greg built. My Dad, as per usual, didn’t come out unscathed with some cuts on his hands, dirt mixed into the remaining hair he has, and I’m sure a body that will ache all day tomorrow. My Mom, who didn’t help on the bus today, is laid up with the Flu. I think I got off the easiest with my shoes, pants, and hands covered in paint and a couple of scrapes on my shins and hands. There are still vestiges of green paint on my hands from freshening up the wheels on the bus.

Today wasn’t an easy day in terms of getting work done, but we did accomplish a lot and for Michigan in early March it was gorgeous. The sun was shining on us and the temperature climbed just north of 60 degrees. My Pops designed the basic concepts for attaching the grey water tank, but as we worked on it and encountered new issues the original plan got modified (of course). The boxes that will house our battery bank, the generator, and the propane tank are all coated in POR-15. The wheels have been cleaned and repainted in a vibrant new ninja-turtle green. The PVC has been run to finish setting up the sink/shower water to the grey water (the waste valve still needs to be installed, and the PVC needs to actually be joined to the tank. The armored electrical has been placed in the generator box, and the hole for the propane line is drilled and ready to install the propane tank.

POR-15’ing the storage and building the grey water tank mount were the really involved tasks, but they’ve been completed!



Sweet sweet football. MSU vs Georgia in the Outback bowl. Many beers were had, grilled some meats and ate some sides. We just used an antenna to pick up a signal.  It’s weird getting an HD signal from the air.  The only downside is that instead of getting ghost images and crackly reception like analog.. the video cuts out and you get the weird artifacts.  I was going to build an antenna for this, but the previous 2 days didn’t leave me a whole lot of time for that.

Matt bought us a quiet Honda generator. It is very quiet. It’s ridiculous how nice it is. Some people across from us had a generator that they placed 5 cars away from them and it was still louder than ours was. Definitely worth the $$$ for the quiet.

Pretty alright time, it was just a lot colder than I would have liked.  Actually it wouldn’t have really been that cold if the wind hadn’t picked up so much. Still had a good time and got to see friends though. Also MSU won, so that was a nice bonus. Ridiculous triple over time win over Georgia, lots of glum Georgia fans trudged past us. We ended up parking next to the bus fleet that brought the cheerleaders and band down. Also we only had to pay $25 for parking!