Early week pics and post (Tallahassee)

Gaming was a part of our stay in Tallahassee. Magic, Dominion, Netrunner, Telestrations (pictionary + telephone mixed together), and some hot potato type game where you try to get your team to guess the word you’re given. I hadn’t played Magic since I was in middle school boyscouts. And even then no one really played, everyone just seemed to have cards. So I got to see some rounds of Magic and get a feel for the game. It’s actually a lot easier and quicker than I realized. I don’t know why but I always envisioned it was far more involved to setup (deck building aside). Dominion and Netrunner were clear winners though. Dominion is like super fast Magic where you build the decks on the fly. Jacob would have to explain Netrunner as he played it the most. Or Matt. Either way they both want to buy it.

We kept busy riding around Tallahassee. We also had our bikes tuned up at Great Bicycle Shop. Unfortunately (sort of) for us, is the weather was gorgeous in Tallahassee. That meant that everyone else noticed the nice weather and decided to get their bikes tuned up. We ended up getting some brakes replaced on one bike, shifter replaced, luggage racks added. Brake lines tightened. They also had a 30.2mm seat post which fits Matt’s Specialized bike which uses a 30.4mm seat post.. which apparently no other bike makers use. Matt had next day shipped one from amazon, but they took over a week for it to show up, which was going to arrive too late.

Matt ended up finding a tattoo shop that did work he liked so we biked down to setup an appointment. The artist was ready for a session right then though, so Matt got some work done. You can check out the goods over on the Tattoo page. Jake and I ended up biking back from there. I was definitely not used to biking that much, and not biking around on hills and stuff. It was fun though to get out and get biking. By the time we got back to the house we were both ravenous so we headed out to some place called Parlay’s Sports Bar. Matt ended up joining us when his tattoo was done. After Parlay’s we headed over to Leon’s Pub to check it out. Cool beer bar with lots of stuff to look at. Completely mixed crowd, young people, old people, foreign people, and smokey.

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