Thursday night work

So not a whole lot media wise to post.  Matt got home from work and got to work welding the holes in the floor.  He ended up finishing up when I got home around 8:30.  So I took over and angle grinded the welds down to get the floor nice and smooth.  Took some liquid nails and some spline (rubber trim normally used for screens) and trimmed the wheel wells.  Some of the old stuff had come up so we replaced that stuff.

All of this is just so the bus is ready for some POR15 to rust treat/weather seal the floors.  Once that’s cured/dry we can put some sub floor in!

And a cheesy youtube video. Good luck trying to see anything that’s going on.

Quick shout out to Microgroove. Apparently a new music store opened up just up the street. Gonna go check it out!



The store is located at 4906 N Florida Ave., Tampa. Microgroove’s grand opening weekend continues Friday with music by Jennifer O’Connor and Tracy Shedd; Saturday with Sleepy Vikings and I Was Totally Destroying It; and Sunday with Rebekah Pulley and Will Quinlan. For info, call (813) 667-7089 or see

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