Weekend Work – Por15

Matt and I ended up doing the doors and security @ The Bricks in Ybor http://www.facebook.com/thebricksybor for their Tampa AM event. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skatepark_of_Tampa , after a long saturday night and some rest we decided to head out to the bus and get some Por15 down on the floors. Por15 is rust treatment and sealant, I think it also has some sort of vapor barrier shit going on.  The can actually tells you to not let any por15 get on the lid/lip, because if you attempt to reseal it with that in there it will permanently seal.

Anyways, from my previous pictures you can see that I only got a quart, which was just barely enough for the bus.  It’s thinner than paint and wasn’t bad to spread using some foam brushes.

We ended up getting the work done on Sunday, took a nap then headed back to The Bricks for the last night of the Tampa AM event.  Awards and a bunch of kids running around.  It ended up getting pretty rowdy toward the end, some Metallica was getting played and one guy got a pretty wicked gash above his eye while they were moshing. I didn’t take any pictures Sunday night, but I have a picture of some of the Skate team for the Nike SB Chronicles (which premiered @ The Bricks/worldwide on Saturday night).

Now that the Por15 is dried, we need to put in the sub floor. I also need to replace the CV Joints/axles on my car, and a replacement fuel filler neck which should be arriving.  So, it looks like we’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. While the winter weather in Florida is great, the only thing that sucks is that you still only have winter daylight.

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