The 3 Days of Christmas. Christmas Eve (Day 1)

What an eventful week.  Our parents flew in to celebrate Christmas with Matt and I. Had a good time hanging out with them and also we enlisted their help in working on the bus. My original goal was to get electrical mapped out and just get some hardwood floors down.  With our mother and father in tow, they helped plan out the benches and quite a bit more as well.

Most of the pictures from Day 1 are taken late. I was busy working on my car. The passenger side CV axle was having issues. 2 weeks prior I had bought 2 cv axles to replace them. I don’t mind driving my shitty little car, but I DO mind driving a shitty little car that sounds like a garbage heap.. so it had been on my nerves for a while hearing the constant clicking when turning. Anyways, I had the axles but our roommate Jacob was using my jack stands to work on his car (some fuel issue that we haven’t been able to figure out yet). So before he went out of town he took the car off of the jack stands so I could use them.  Spent the majority of the day working the various bolts loose and figuring out how to replace a cv axle.  Finished the work around 5:30 or 6pm when it starts getting dark. Pull jack stands and drop the car. Start it up and try to back up. Wheels won’t turn… great. So I call it a day on that. My mom suggested I talk with my parents’ friend Phil who is a mechanic. My dad shoots him a text to see if he can talk. Hop on the phone with him and explain what’s going on. Wheels not turning, put it in park and hear a clicking. He thinks I just don’t have it seated all the way in and suggests getting back under and hulking the part in to make sure it’s completely fitted in. Anyways, I shelve that for the next day for when I have some light.

Matt and my Dad ended up installing the new driver seat and framing out the first two benches. We had spent a fair amount of the day planning and buying materials like our breaker box and electrical stuff and some lights. Ate up a lot more of the day than I wanted but we planned out exactly what we were going to do and we had hoped that we bought enough materials.

PS – PB Blaster, a torch, and a big pry bar are you friend when dealing with old rusty pieces of shit.

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