Tuesday lunch work

Monday night around 5:30 or 6pm at work our whole building and some surrounding buildings lost power, so we got to split a little early. The office is really close to the Tampa airport and our roommate Jacob was flying back to Michigan a little later. Our coworkers lost power at their houses a little further away, and we were worried that it might impact the flight. Fortunately the airport didn’t even know there was a large power outage nearby.

Anyways, what this meant.. was that the internet was out the next day at work, so Matt and I stayed home so we could get some work done.  Sort of impossible to do any work without internet for the most part. We had made some slow cooked Cuban style pork the day before and ended up having it for lunch.

After a quick lunch we got some work done on the bus. We wanted to finish up the rest of the subfloor which we were able to do.

So we were able to have a productive lunch. Next step is to lay out the floor plan a little bit. We’re hoping to stop by an RV salvage yard and pick up some tables and possibly some appliances. The parents are flying down this Thursday and we’re hoping our Father can help out with some electrical work.

The plan is to get some hard wood floors in before the New Year and tailgate the MSU game. Outback bowl here we come!

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