1 Mile up in ABQ

I don’t have much in the way of pictures from Albuquerque. Our week was pretty laid back. The RV Park had free continental breakfasts which was really nice. Being able to just wake up and go walk over and get some coffee is choice. We went into Albuquerque a couple times, Matt got another tattoo (which I’m sure he’ll write about).

I was surprised by how quiet the freeway sounded from the RV Park. I’d glance over and see a long line of cars but the sounded more like cars passing right after fresh snow than a long line on the freeway. Dust is super pervasive. I saw my first dust devils in Texas and then in the RV Park we would watch them roll in with tumbleweeds.

In preparation for Phil joining us we trimmed back how much stuff we have in the bus. While doing this I realized that we brought far too much stuff. If I were to do this again I would make a bike rack to store the bikes on and I’d work on a storage system under the bus where I ratchet strapped in large strong plastic storage to hold things like the electrical hook up and stuff that you don’t need access to constantly. We also started using mesh bags and carabiners to hang some of our stuff up. We have our spices and hot sauces hanging from the shelving in mesh bags. Magic cards, drawing stuff, onions, silverware. Just trying to keep things up out of the way but still accessible. I ended up ordering more bags and carabiners while at the park.

There were some falcons that hung around the park. They’d find desert rodents and eat them on top of the light posts. I kept trying to get a picture but they’d always hop/fly out of the way by the time my camera was up.

Our friend John showed us around ABQ and took us to some of the local eateries and drove us up on the mountain to look down on the city. John had to work while we were there and since we were pretty far out of the city we didn’t get to hang out a ton. We did get to catch up with John and find out what he’s been up to. One thing he does is an improv show that you can listen to here @ http://chompsthecat.podbean.com/ (or on iTunes). Thanks John!

Because the bike up the ‘hill’ to get back to the RV Park was pretty brutal we ended up just unhooking the bus from the trailer and driving the bus into town when we needed to get groceries. We ended up buying a bunch of Pedro’s medium salsa (which is still pretty hot, but not nearly as mean as the hot salsa).

Phil flew in from Tampa to join us on Friday. We spent Friday catching up and talking about the trip. The plan is to go up through Flagstaff and onward to the Grand Canyon!

First week in New Orleans

We pulled into the RV park late on Saturday. You can read about the rest of that night on my previous post.

The next day, I woke up feeling significantly better. It was kinda weird waking up with a bunch of RV around me. What was really nice though, is that our lot was directly next to the bathroom/showers. While we have a toilet in the bus, the intended purpose is only really for needing to pee late at night or absolute emergency stomach situations. So far no one has had the emergency stomach situation and we hope to keep it that way. The plus side to being close to the bathroom is that we didn’t have to fill our little portapotty toilet up. (We bought ours from Walmart, but this is the portable toilet I was looking at for a long time). The bathroom was cleaned daily and everyone else who used it tended to keep it pretty clean as well. Apparently the prospect of having to use something again keeps people from being complete shit heads.

The first week was nice and laid back. We played card games, worked and later on in the week we went out into the Bywater to go to The Joint and stop by some spots that our buddy Loren told us to check out. Overall though, it was a pretty tame experience in the RV Park. The neighborhood it was in wasn’t the greatest but there was a spot to get some greasy shrimp po boys.

End of the week and on

Earlier in the week Matt and I had biked out and bought a basketball because we forgot to bring any of ours along and there was a basketball hoop nearby. (Side note, drivers in Florida lived up to their reputation. A lady almost hit me when I was crossing a street on my bike, and Jake said that he almost got hit twice when he went out to get postcards) We had some mid-week rain, but we managed to get out and play some pick up games. Afterwards I realized how long it had been since I had played ball. I had some pretty bad tendinitis in my shoulder for about 6 months (the period of time that I would have wanted to play when we moved back to Detroit). Anyways, it was great to play again but my calves were killing me the next day.

The end of the week was a bit of a blur. Between working, and trying to get out and see stuff the rest of the week fairly flew by. Matt and Katie do a weekly dinner thing with their friends where someone hosts it and the hosts make the main dish and people bring sides. We got the chance to cook, so we went with some pork shoulder and coleslaw.

At this point I had been fighting a cold/allergies for a while. Pressure in my sinuses and in one of my ears. I had an ear infection earlier in the year when I had gotten a cold and I was damned if I was going to go through that again so I went to a doctor. Fortunately it wasn’t an infection, it was just not draining because of the allergies. He prescribed me some steroids and told me to get some Sudafed from behind the counter. The stuff that has pseudoephedrine. Some zyrtec and sudafed eventually got me feeling better but I felt like fresh garbage for a couple of days.

We were unable at this point to get a hold of our friend Loren in New Orleans, so we decided to just book some time at an RV park. We ended up going with http://www.riverboattravelpark.com/. They had pretty favorable reviews from what I was seeing, the only down side being that it’s several miles east where we wanted to be at. With a big ole bridge to cross which I wasn’t super excited to do on a bike.

Friday rolled around and we packed all of our things up and headed on out to Louisiana (a little later than we were originally hoping, but we got going eventually). I was definitely anxious about leaving and going to an RV park, something which we had never done before so I didn’t know protocol or how things worked. Driving through Alabama we went through Mobile. They have some tunnel that goes underneath the city which was kinda a trip. Felt like a short version of the tunnel to Windsor. I drove most of the route, and ended up passing off after a 1 and 1/2 fill up. I was kind of a dumbass and was fighting off being sleepy for a bit towards the end of my driving shift. I should have had Matt or Jake take over sooner. Anyways, of course when I’m not driving I finally perk up and can’t nap. We ended up getting in right before the older couple that ran it closed up. Right around 8:50pm CST.

We setup shop and Matt was itchin’ to get out and see the city. He ended up convincing Jake to come along with him. I was too wiped out so I just stayed in the bus and started moving some stuff around so that living in the bus made a little more sense. With that squared away I finally laid down opened my book and got 3 pages in before falling asleep.