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  • More pics from painting and mounting the tank

  • Painting, and mounting the Tank.

    Nothing like starting off a day of hard work with a mild hangover! Our friend Chris came over from Lansing for an evening out in Metro Detroit and we also met up with a new friend, Sera, who we met through Josh (who now lives in San Fran). I’ve added a couple bad photo’s I […]

  • Feb 11th – Feb 16th – Tables + Bathroom

    So, I’ve been putting this off for too long. In mid February we got a lot of work done on the bus. It was actually still kinda chilly out. High’s in the low 60’s, perfect working weather. We kept trying to find a cabinet shop that could make us custom table tops, and not a […]

  • PAINTING! 2’ish days

    Painting. We had originally wanted to paint the bus some ridiculous color like Lamborghini green.  There is a beautifully hideous fluorescent green spray paint from rustoleum, unfortunately we were only finding it in spray paint cans and no gallons of it. So, we went with a Behr oil based exterior/interior paint. Before we could paint though, we […]

  • Getting ready to paint, or why we’re building redneck rain protection

    So, we couldn’t find anyone to do a paint job that wasn’t going to cost anything approaching reasonable. We wouldn’t have been looking for someone else to paint, but we have this huge oak tree in the back yard that drops gobs of shit constantly. We went ahead and built ourselves a redneck paint/rain protector. […]