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  • Au revoir New Orleans

    New Orleans, Louisiana. What can I say about the place? Wow, what a trip. This is a city that has a parade or festival for virtually everything. Oh it’s 12 days after Christmas? Time to start 12th night… kicking off the partying leading all the way up to Mardi Gras. Halloween? They’re on that. Thanksgiving? […]

  • Exploring New Orleans

    One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post(s), there was a tornado watch one of the days and severe thunderstorm warnings when we were staying at the RV Park. It was an interesting experience. I hadn’t really thought about weathering a storm in a school bus, but we concluded that if it turned […]

  • Trolley in Uptown New Orleans

  • End of the week and moving into the city

    We ended up getting into a rhythm in the RV Park. Wake up, go to the bathroom, login to the computers and start working. Make some eggs, and toast some bread on our griddle outside beneath the awning.  It was actually quite comfortable. We broke the AC unit out and vented outside the driver window. […]

  • First week in New Orleans

    We pulled into the RV park late on Saturday. You can read about the rest of that night on my previous post. The next day, I woke up feeling significantly better. It was kinda weird waking up with a bunch of RV around me. What was really nice though, is that our lot was directly […]

  • Timezones

    We’re discovering that when we ask each other ‘What time is it?’, we need to reference Local or EST. From now on, we’re just going to answer each other in EST and reference local time as needed.

  • Matt’s Tallahassee wrap up

    While in Tallahassee I definitely did not take enough photos. Frankly, Tallahassee while different, felt a lot like Tampa. The flora and fauna is virtually the same, see: Spanish Moss. As soon as we crossed over the state line from Georgia into Florida, Spanish Moss was literally all over the place. When we drove from […]

  • End of the week and on

    Earlier in the week Matt and I had biked out and bought a basketball because we forgot to bring any of ours along and there was a basketball hoop nearby. (Side note, drivers in Florida lived up to their reputation. A lady almost hit me when I was crossing a street on my bike, and […]

  • Early week pics and post (Tallahassee)

    Gaming was a part of our stay in Tallahassee. Magic, Dominion, Netrunner, Telestrations (pictionary + telephone mixed together), and some hot potato type game where you try to get your team to guess the word you’re given. I hadn’t played Magic since I was in middle school boyscouts. And even then no one really played, everyone […]