Starting woes

We’ve had issue starting the bus for a while now. We decided to try to diagnose the issue. We had the glow plugs replaced while we were in Tampa, so we figured it wasn’t that. We traced it to this actuator thing that was throwing sparks when put the key into the on position. When first turning the key in the bus, you turn it to the ‘on’ position so that the glow plugs can warm up. Well, what that is really doing is letting this glow plug controller turn the glow plugs on to heat the diesel so that it’s easier for the engine to burn. On the old glow plug controller, one of the posts that you connect the electrical to had sheared off.

Went down to the local Navistar dealer and picked up a new one. Popped it in and now the bus is able to start pretty damn easily. More weight off the shoulders!

We only have pictures of the old one, didn’t bother taking pictures of the new one.

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