Getting ready to paint, or why we’re building redneck rain protection

So, we couldn’t find anyone to do a paint job that wasn’t going to cost anything approaching reasonable. We wouldn’t have been looking for someone else to paint, but we have this huge oak tree in the back yard that drops gobs of shit constantly.

We went ahead and built ourselves a redneck paint/rain protector. Got the canopy built and the next day we power washed and scrubbed the roof. I was hoping that the power washer  would cover it.. but there was too much dirt, grime, and whatever else that it couldn’t take off. Matt ended up climbing up on the roof and scrubbing while I sprayed. Also, thanks to our friend Michael we were able to borrow his power washer instead of having to buy one. Thanks!

Anyways, that all worked up some hunger so I made some dan hash.

Some more photos from Matt:

Weekend of the 13th

Slow weekend for work on the bus.  Matt did most of the work.  Cleaning up the floors some more.  He angle grinded off the remainder of some heads from screw and he cleaned up some rust spots.  We still need to go in and clean up the floors the rest of the way and puddle weld the holes.

Matt had previously crawled up on top of the bus to try sealing up the hatch.  Unfortunately we just needed to reseal the whole thing. He also was on top to rework the dent.  I figured it was my turn to reseal it (and since he was already busy in the bus).  So I hopped up using our home made ladder along with all my shit to remove old caulk, clean up the metal and some brushes to scrub off any rust before recaulking.

Dent in roof

So, after a brief hiatus we got back to it last week and decided to knock this dent out. The X’s in the picture indicate leaks.  We sat in the bus during a heavy storm to see where our water was coming in.

Some folks over at the forums suggested using a jack stand with some wood pressed up against it to apply constant pressure while hitting it.

So we did just that.  Although we had to build a platform since we didn’t want to apply too much pressure on the wheel well (it was slightly ungainly due to the floor and the semi-unevenness of the wood).

We had bought a metal working kit in anticipation of working on this, but we only ended up using one of the curved forms and a separate 4lb hammer that we bought.  Matt also climbed up on the roof to tap it from up there.  We also had some slight leaking due to the dent, so we went ahead and resealed it from the top.

Matt giving the thumbs up from the top of the bus.  Also you can see our home made ladder as well.


The bus has a dent (it looks like a large tree branch or possibly a tree fell on it?) on the passenger side about the middle of the bus.  We’re planning to straighten it back out using a hydraulic bottle jack with a 2×4 on the end of it.  Some shaping hammers should help with it as well.

There are some minor leaks happening in the area around some of the rivets, so we’re hoping to get all of that straightened out as well.  Here are some pics of the dent: