Getting ready to paint, or why we’re building redneck rain protection

So, we couldn’t find anyone to do a paint job that wasn’t going to cost anything approaching reasonable. We wouldn’t have been looking for someone else to paint, but we have this huge oak tree in the back yard that drops gobs of shit constantly.

We went ahead and built ourselves a redneck paint/rain protector. Got the canopy built and the next day we power washed and scrubbed the roof. I was hoping that the power washer  would cover it.. but there was too much dirt, grime, and whatever else that it couldn’t take off. Matt ended up climbing up on the roof and scrubbing while I sprayed. Also, thanks to our friend Michael we were able to borrow his power washer instead of having to buy one. Thanks!

Anyways, that all worked up some hunger so I made some dan hash.

Some more photos from Matt:

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