Sock choices

I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Red Wings wool socks. I bought a pair right before the trip and these things have been tremendous. I had no idea how awesome wool socks were. Seriously, if you’ll be wearing boots for any period of time, you should buy at least 1 pair of wool socks.

Feb 19th & 20th – Electrical

We ended up finally installing the electrical box during these days. I wasn’t sure how to wire up a box, but I think I got it roughly right. I’m going to ask my friend who is a licensed electrician to take a look to see if I’m going to burn myself down when I get back to Michigan.

Ended up using a light kit that had 3 lights, we’ll see how it turns out. Might end up replacing them depending on how they turn out.

December 10th 2012

So we did some work on the floors on the 10th, unfortunately I was sick almost all of last week.  Took 4 days off of work for it.  Came back to work on Friday, and then worked the doors at for their Ghetto Xmas event. Anyways, we had ended up buying the wood and foam on some non-busy day and loading it up on my beast of a car (tied down with some twine and held on with the hope that we might stop it if it started slipping).

Matt had ended up staying home one day from work. Quick torrential rainstorm at work so I gave him a ring to let him know he might want to get it in before the rain showed up and warped our subfloor. Fortunately he got to it in time and tossed it all in before the rain hit.

So after unloading the wood from the bus, we laid down some red rosin paper and started cutting foam out to fit in.

The foam wasn’t too bad, we managed to get it pretty tight fitting so it wasn’t floating around too much. Music is always a serious consideration when we’re working so we have the stereo out.  We finally killed the batteries in it, so we had to plug it in.

We also discovered that our screws were going to sit too high on top of the wood, we tried finding self tapping metal screws that were able to sink, but all we could find were some with some low round heads.  So we ended up countersinking.

Like I had said before, the bummer of Florida winters is that you have great weather but you run out of light so quickly.  We ended up calling it a day around 6:30 or 7 pm. Don’t really like cutting when it’s really dark out.


Bus Layout

This is the floor plan Matt has come up with.  We still need to get in the bus and tape off the sizes of things, we did some rough measurements but we’ll need to see how it all comes together. The plan with the tables is actually to have RV style table beds, so that the table can lower down and you can put a foam top on to turn it into a bed.