Month: January 2013

  • Day time follow-up of yesterday’s video

  • Bringing in the new year with a new video!

    We actually did some more work after I took the video, so I’ll need to take another video during the day with some better lighting. Cheers! -Matt

  • Plotting. Planning.

  • Drapes, sewing, and sheathing the seats

    Our late Aunt Linda and our Grandmother were great collectors of fabric. Some people had stamps, they had fabric. Our Mother also has a fair amount of fabric as well. Anyways, the great thing about having these fabric collectors in our lives is that they have plenty of fabric to go around. Matt and I […]

  • Starting woes

    We’ve had issue starting the bus for a while now. We decided to try to diagnose the issue. We had the glow plugs replaced while we were in Tampa, so we figured it wasn’t that. We traced it to this actuator thing that was throwing sparks when put the key into the on position. When […]

  • Bus gets a face lift

    After finally deciding to stop being lazy we decided to get rid of the ‘oh shit did we just hit Slimer?’ look. Had a warm day out, soaped the grill down and wiped it down, taped and painted.

  • Matt buys a moped

    Matt has been scoping out craigslist looking for mopeds at a decent price. He ended up buying this Puch and bringing it home. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) he bought it in November. While November was pretty damn warm this year, December did finally cool down and January is actually showing signs of winter. So we […]

  • Fishing in October 2012

    Beautiful time to fish, unfortunately no fish were biting. Not even bluegill. On the other hand we discovered that the salmon were running and we got to see some good looking fish, but none of the jerks would bite.

  • September 2012 – Bunk work

    We ended up redoing the height of the top bunk so that the person on top wasn’t so close to the ceiling. Took it down a bit, unfortunately it means that the bottom bunk has less room (can’t put that down because of the wheel well) but overall a big improvement on the space. I […]

  • 2012 Summer Trips and Fuel Lines

    2012 was an eventful year for us. Moving back to Michigan (1200 mile trip from Tampa!). Moving back into our Grandmother’s house. Getting re-acquainted with our Detroit office. Catching up with our Michigan friends, and some trips. We went up to Charlevoix, MI for one trip. We went to visit our friend Glu at his […]