Month: January 2012

  • 3 coats for the roof – 2 days of painting

    Shit is a total pain in the ass. I painted the sides/rails while Matt did the top. Fortunately for us it has been in the mid to high 70s while painting, really happy it’s not hotter and that it’s not cooler. I’m standing on our little home made ladder to do the sides, we did […]

  • Getting ready to paint, or why we’re building redneck rain protection

    So, we couldn’t find anyone to do a paint job that wasn’t going to cost anything approaching reasonable. We wouldn’t have been looking for someone else to paint, but we have this huge oak tree in the back yard that drops gobs of shit constantly. We went ahead and built ourselves a redneck paint/rain protector. […]


    Sweet sweet football. MSU vs Georgia in the Outback bowl. Many beers were had, grilled some meats and ate some sides. We just used an antenna to pick up a signal.  It’s weird getting an HD signal from the air.  The only downside is that instead of getting ghost images and crackly reception like analog.. […]

  • Happy New Year! (or how we spent the first 17 hours of the new year)

    So it’s 2012. We started the New Year the right way by getting to work on the bus. Our self imposed deadline was to get enough done to tailgate on the 2nd.  So we were cutting it pretty close. You can see the electrical is pulled into the box at this point so we could […]

  • New Years Eve

    So we had set ourselves up with a deadline of having the bus ready enough to tail gate the MSU vs Georgia game on January 2nd @ Raymond James Stadium. It’s virtually a stones throw from where we currently live, so it was a nice short trip to make sure everything was running hunky dory. […]

  • The 3 Days of Christmas. The day after (Day 3)

    The start of a very long day.  Woke up early to get started on the bus.  Parents were leaving the next day so we wanted to get as much done as possible.  We routed out the floors to lay the electrical through it.  Duct taped it down so it wouldn’t jump out of the routed […]

  • The 3 Days of Christmas. Christmas (Day 2)

    Not a whole lot went on for the bus on Christmas day.  Matt and our father got further along in framing out the first 2 benches, we also realized that we needed more lumber. I also got the car up on jack stands and got under it to take a look at the cv joint/axle. […]